What You May Forget When Renting A Car

Rent A Car
Rent A Car
Car Rental Companies
Car Rental Companies

Renting a car would be the most sensible thing to do when you are out on vacation and don’t want to drive all the way down there. It saves you a fortune that you would have otherwise spent on car drives. You have the freedom to move around and stick to your schedule. It is just as good as having your own car minus the hassles. However, there are some common mistakes that newbie car renters and veterans alike manage to do. we shall be taking a look at some of the things that people often look over when they are renting vehicles. Read on…

Try To Avoid Renting In Airports

Before you figure out what to look for, first try to wrap your head around where to rent your car. The easiest thing to do would be to pick up the car on your landing from the airport. After all, it is the most convenient thing to do. However, keep in mind that the convenience means dollars flying out of your pocket- you will have to pay a premium in order to pick up your car at the airport.

Rental companies have to pay fees to the airport where they do business. This fee is passed onto the customer’s tab. A smarter, money saving option would be to simply hail a cab and then head over to a car rental company.

Stay On The Road

This should be a given. It is not your car to drive rash. Keep it on the paved roads and don’t get frisky with it, racing down the highway at breakneck speeds and not stopping at speed bumps. Don’t off-road which includes grassy lands too. These are often penned down in most rental agreement, and if the car rental companies sniff it on their car then the fees of having the car cleaned is on you. Stick to the roads- they are made for a reason!

Don’t Ask For Options

Bring your own extra when possible. Don’t ask for a vehicle that is strapped with a GPS; instead, make use of one on your phone. The car rental agency will levy these additional amenities on your tab. You will be charged a daily rate for the luxury, irrespective of whether you use it or not. Take the fee into consideration the next time you decide on wanting to find the shortest route to your destination using the car rental company’s GPS devices.

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