What Anti-COVID 19 Measures Are Car Rental Businesses Taking?

Car Rental Companies
Car Rental Companies
Car Rental Companies
Car Rental Companies

Almost every car rental agency in the world is increasing safety protocols due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, as per a recent survey. The survey discovered that 84% of car rental entities have executed special sanitation measures for every single one of their vehicles. One of these measures is disinfecting important things and spaces in cars, including the seats, ventilation systems, radio systems, and steering wheels.

Meanwhile, 27% of the surveyed car rental companies provide extra coronavirus protection through free products such as antibacterial gel, antibacterial wipes, and gloves or face masks. On the other hand, 12% of them charge customers an additional fee for these items used for protection from the new virus.

The study shows that hand sanitizer is the main product that car rental businesses provide, with the masks, wipes and gloves being the second, third and fourth most common things.

Some rental service providers also request customers to sign forms that state the following things before the rental.

  • That they have no coronavirus disease symptoms; and,
  • That they have not physically or socially contacted anyone tested positive for COVID-19.

Furthermore, when a customer has the symptoms on return, several rental providers put the concerned vehicle in quarantine up to the time it is safely rentable again.

As per the survey information, coronavirus protection is among the main things that customers demand when booking cars. In the days before the onset of the coronavirus epidemic, customers mainly expected cars to have things like self-shifting transmission and air conditioning. There is still customer demand for these features, but the global crisis has brought attention to personal safety. This is the second-most demanded thing, alongside air conditioning.

The study also reveals that the rates of rental cars have come down in many parts of the world owing to the epidemic. Sweden, Canada and Azores have seen the largest price drops as compared to 2019. Many places in the United States of America have also seen a reduction in rental prices. When it comes to specific cities, there has been an 18% price fall in Florida as compared to 2019’s second quarter.

Given the price changes, it is admirable that numerous car rental businesses are spending money on customer safety measures or coronavirus protection equipment. This is not to say that the businesses that charge customers for the protection measures are thrifty or greedy. Both are understandable policies because this is an unprecedented situation.

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