Tips That Help You Avoid Extra Charges While Renting A Car

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Rent A Car
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Car Rental Companies

Renting a car is the undeniably the best possible solution while you are on a vacation, is out of town or waiting for your vehicle repair to get over. By renting a car of your choice from a reputed rental company, you can plan your drive to the desired locations as and when you need without having to depend on taxi services. But car renting is often a daunting task for first timers and even veterans where you cannot completely deny the possibilities of extra expenses in car renting.

Here are some of the tips that help you avoid the extra charges that that could occur with car renting.

Use Credit Card While Renting A Car

It is advised to use credit card while you rent cars because of the possibilities of extra charges associated with using debit card for car renting. When you use a debit card for car renting, you will be charged an authorization amount and an additional incremental hold will be assessed. Earlier, car rental companies used to check the credit scores of people if they used debit card but luckily, most of the rental companies do not adopt that policy now. If you have already decided to go with using debit card, call ahead to learn the company policies to avoid extra expenses that you weren’t expecting.

Keep The Number Of Drivers At A Minimum

For every additional driver, you will have to pay extra fee even if they do not end up driving during the rental period. If you keep the number of drivers at a minimum, you can avoid this unnecessary expense. Some rental companies often charge fee for corporate rentals or domestic partner, but you should double check it because the policies of all rental companies will not be the same.

Consider Buying Car Insurance From The Rental Company Only As The Last Option

Car rental companies often offer insurance but it is very high when compared to other vehicle insurances and hence it is best to consider it as the last option. Sometimes your personal vehicle insurance will cover the rentals too. Many credit card companies offer rental car insurances as a card benefit and before you go ahead with the insurance, make a call to your credit card company to learn if they give any similar options.

When it comes to car rental deals, not everyone will be that familiar with all of its details and legal formalities that could lead to them incurring some extra charges in the whole rental deal. If you want the whole deal to not hurt your pocket, you have to be aware of the possible expenses that you can avoid with better planning.

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