Red Flags You Should Pay Attention To In A Car Rental Deal

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Your vacation is not going to be half as good as you expected if you entered a bad car rental deal that is going to cost you a lot of money for poor service. People who do not have any previous experience of renting cars may fall for the trickery of fraudster car rental companies. Here are some red flags in a car rental deal.

Extra Charges For Younger People

Some car rentals charge an extra fee if the drivers are under the age of 25. What you should realize is that there are a lot of car rental companies that charge fair rates from the customers regardless of their age. Just find out one and enter a deal.

No “Unlimited Miles” Offer 

These days, every car rental company offers unlimited miles. Seeing a mileage limit while booking a rental car means you have just spotted a red flag. You may look for some other car rental company, which will offer you unlimited miles.

Toll Road Transponders

A toll road transponder may cost more than what you should pay. Having a toll road transponder in your car is something that offers you the convenience of being able to skip toll booths. However, you have to be extra cautious when renting cars that come with a toll booth transponder because you may be charged even if you aren’t using that facility.

Insisting You To Prepay For Gas

Except in some rare cases, prepaying for gas increases the expenses associated with the rental deal. It is advisable to decline the prepaid fueling option.

No Vehicle Inspection Report 

When you arrive at the car rental desk, you should be allowed to walk around the car with a car rental representative or should be handed a vehicle inspection report. Not being offered a vehicle inspection report is to be seen as a big red flag because you might be asked to cover for the damages caused by the previous driver once you return the car.

Unusually Low Charges 

If the price of rental car is unusually low, you should take some extra care and check if the car is old, if your mileage is limited or if the airport fees are yet to be added. The discretion from your part helps avid any surprise extra charges when you return the car.

You are advised to do some research about car rental deals, the possible frauds in the business, and reputed car rental dealers in the respective area.

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