How To Return Your Rental Car?

Car Rental Companies
Car Rental Companies
Returning The Rental Car
Returning The Rental Car

From choosing your rental car to returning it on the right time, every process in a car rental deal has to be given adequate attention. In this article, we give you some guidelines about returning the rental car.

Plan Your Route

Rental companies often charge fees for returning the car late, which means you have to plan your return route so that you reach the drop-off point on time. You may use maps to get an estimate of the drive time beforehand so that you can plan your return accordingly.

Find Out A Gas Station That Is Close By

Most rental services have a full-to-full gas policy, indicating that the tank will be full when they hand over the car to you and it has to be returned with the tank full. You will have to find out a gas station that is closest to the drop-off station.

Some rental car services have fuel policies like pre-purchase which allows you to return the car without filling the tank but they are more expensive. Double-checking the fuel policy is important to avoid incurring any losses in the rental car deal.

Look Out For Return Signs

Most airports will have car rental return signs that lead you to drop-off points. In case you cannot find any sign, just drive back to the spot where you picked the car.

Click Some Photos

After parking the car at the drop off point, click photographs of the odometer and the gas gauge. Also take some snaps of the car’s exterior, especially the bumpers and the door panels. This will comes of use in case you are asked to pay some unexpected charges for mileage, damage and gas.

Make Sure You Collect All Your Belongings From The Car

Before you return the car, check its door packets, glove compartment and under the seats to ensure that none of your belongings are left behind in the car. You should also take your rental paperwork because it will come of use in case of any legal issues in the future.

Return The Car

If there is an agent at the drop-off point, hand them the keys. They will give you a copy of the checkout paper work and ask for your return signature. If the car doesn’t have any damage, they will refund the security deposit. The process may take up to two weeks for completion.

If you don’t see an agent at the drop-off site, look for a dropbox where the customers drop the keys after business hours. Look for a box that has the name and logo of the rental company.

Sticking to the rules and regulations mentioned in the rental agreement is important to avoid incurring any extra expenses.

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