How to Avoid Being Ripped Off When Renting a Car?

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A lot of people prefer to rent a car when they are going on holiday. There are a lot of car rental companies that rent a car based on the needs of the customers.

Car renting is helpful for tourists to avoid the hassle of hiring an Uber or a taxi for visiting different places. This is also a convenient method of transportation for them, as they get the privilege to travel as they please. They can make multiple stops when they need and can start or end the journey at their own convenience. Hence, this is a wonderful option for you to travel around when you are visiting a new place.

Despite all the advantages of renting a car, it can be really costly some times that will take a huge portion of your budget. Hence, you have to be really careful when renting a car as it can rip you off. Therefore, we provide you some important tips to make your car renting cheaper.

Buy the Basic Package Only

This is the basic step for saving money when renting a car. The car rental agency makes the most profit by selling add-ons. They will be incredibly costly, therefore, don’t fall for their traps. They will persuade their maximum for making you buy add-ons stating different reasons.

It is better to book a car online than contacting a broker or by some other methods, as you may be getting special deals and offers when doing so.

Bring Your Own Child Car Seats and Satnav

Hiring a satnav from car rental companies can be very expensive and it will be a waste of money for you. Hence, it is better to bring your satnav with when going on a trip.

This is also applicable for child car seats too. Car rentals will ask for a high rate for child car seats and boosters. However, it might be possible for you to bring it along for free in some airlines or with a small fee. In this case, it is better to bring along your own child car seat than renting an over-priced seat from renting companies. Sometimes, you may be able to buy a new child car seat at a lower price than hiring it from a car rental.

Buy an Independent Insurance For Covering Additional Damages

When you rent a car, the charges will include insurance cover for dealing with major crash, write-off, etc. But if there are any additional damages like small scrapes and scratches, then you will have to pay it from your own pocket. Therefore, car rental companies will pressure you to buy super CDW insurance that will cover such extra damages. However, car rentals will charge you a higher amount for this insurance than the amount you have to pay if you buy it independently.

There are many insurance companies that facilitate insurance for covering additional damages for a much lower amount. Therefore, it is better to buy this insurance independently instead of relying upon car rentals. It will help you to cover damages including damage to tyres, windows, roof and undercarriage, etc.

Ignore the Sales Patter

The agents of the car rentals will persuade you maximum to buy their insurance claiming that the insurance you bought independently might not be valid. But you should not fall for their trap, as the insurance is valid and you will be able to cover the additional damages in this. Hence, you have to be strong here and deny their offers.

When you refuse the insurance cover, the car rental companies will “pre-authorize” a certain sum to cover these extra charges on your credit card. This is a normal procedure and it will allow the company to charge your card the excess amount if you have a crash.

Check the fuel policy and find if there are any additional charges

Before you give your credit card details, you have to check for the fuel policy of the rental. Check if they limit the mileage in any way. Also, find if there are any additional charges included. This will help you to avoid paying for any hidden charges when you return the car.

Note if there are any damages and photograph the car

Find if there is any existing damage in the car like a scratch or a broken window before you rent the car. Document the damages if any by taking videos or photographs of the car. You don’t want to pay for other people’s mistakes. Check both interior and exterior for damages. Report it to the company before you rent it.

Photo the car when you return it and keep the paperwork

When you return the car, make sure to take digital photographs of the car. This will help you to avoid problems like the car rentals blaming you in the future for damages you didn’t cause.

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