The Things To Remember When Renting A Car

Rent A Car
Rent A Car
Car Rental Companies
Car Rental Companies

Renting a car has now become a common practice, especially when you are visiting a new place or want to clear your head over the hassle of owning a car. Since car rental is not a new thing, you would have thought that the process is easy and headache-free- yet somehow it surprises you in that regard.

May travelers make unwarranted mistakes when selecting to rent a car and are often riddled with questions from- do I need to get additional insurance? Can I drive it to another state? Do I need the extra embellishments that they are offering me at the rental counter? I hear of all the unpleasant events about false damage claim, should I deter from renting?

Renting a car is still very much a grey area, even today. However, we will help in clearing a bit of the air, and help you keep in mind a few things:

No Need To Prepay For Your Gasoline

Prepaid gasoline charges that are levied on car renters come from a place of simplicity. Probably you are in a rush to catch a flight or get to someplace and cannot afford to stop by at a gas station to refuel. That sounds reasonable.

However, if you are absolutely sure that you will be drying up the tank or you have a flight in the wee hours of the morning, and you feel it is absolutely fine to not refuel, only then should you go for this. Even if you go ahead, keep in mind as the car rental agency generally levy higher charges which are unreasonably in the favour of the rental agency; you are better off refueling yourself, if you can.

Inspect Before You Leave

Before you pick your car out, make sure to inspect the inside-out of the car for what could be considered as damage by the agency. This includes the likes of loose parts, power windows and mirrors, scratches and missing units, among many others.

Take the time to pinpoint every problem, small or big. Don’t simply take a walk around the car looking for blemishes or scratches. Sometimes, the car rental companies may not pay attention to these before you take it out of their lot, and the minute you are back, you will be held completely responsible.

Your Auto Insurance Covers You

You needn’t take this at face value- you can check up with the terms of the insurer, to ensure that what they call “full coverage”, involves you being covered irrespective of whether you are in a rental or not.

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