Important Things You Need For Renting A Car

Rent A Car
Rent A Car
Car Rental Companies
Car Rental Companies

Car renting is becoming more popular these days. Since more and more people started to think that owning and maintain a car is expensive, it offers a great opportunity for car rental companies. Most people are realizing that renting a car is much more convenient than owning one.

Here are some of the important things you need for renting a car.

Driver’s License

A driver’s license issued by the state is necessary for renting a car in the United States. With a driver’s license, you can prove that you are a legal driver and it is also a document that verifies your age. Most of the Americans mistakenly assume that if you want to rent a car, you have to be at least 25. But in the United States, 21 is the minimum age to rent a car. Most of the time car rental companies ask for the driver’s license issued from the same state as the rental location.

Car Insurance

If you are renting a car from a reputable car rental agency, they won’t rent you a car if you do not have car insurance. Many people do not have car insurance and if that is the case, the car rental companies will offer one. If your auto insurance does not cover rental cars, taking the car insurance offered by the rental agency is your best option. If you already have car insurance that covers rental cars, it is not recommended to buy the insurance offered by the rental agency because it will cost you more.

Active Credit Card

Most car rental companies ask for an active credit card even if you have a valid driver’s license and car insurance. Sometimes car rental companies turn you away if the name on the driver’s license does not match the one on the active credit card. The rental agencies ask for credit cards because they put the card for insurance purposes.

Debit Card

Most of the people might not be able to provide an active credit card because they may not have one. Several car rental agencies accept debit cards for payments as well as a secondary ID. However, you might want to submit your current passport, insurance card, or utility bill as a third form of ID.

Good Driving Record

Car rental companies often contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to verify your license after you sign the rental agreement. They also look for your driving records, specifically for any convictions related to reckless driving, accidents, driving under influence, etc. These violations may prevent you from renting a car.

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