Mistake To Avoid While Renting A Car

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Many people today are not interested in owning a car. This is mainly because buying and maintaining a car is very expensive and it is a lot cheaper to use public transport. When they need a car, the best option they go for is renting. Several car rental companies rent a car at reasonable amounts. However, you need to avoid the following mistakes while renting a car.

Buying Insurance Twice

Before you rent a car from a car rental agency, make sure that you are not already covered for rental insurance. This is because car rental companies will offer extra insurance and you can accept that. If you are already covered for car rental insurance, you do not need to purchase insurance through the car rental agency and pay the insurance twice.

Neglecting Car Inspections

One of the important things you need to do when renting a car is to inspect it and note any damage. Most people forget to do that and face consequences. You need to inspect the car with a car rental employee and see whether there are any dents or scratches and make notes of it. If you drive off without inspecting the car, any unreported damages on the car could be blamed on you.

Filling The Gas Tank

There are mainly three options for filling the gas for a rental car. You can fill it yourself, you can let the agency fill up the tank, or you can prepay for an entire tank of gas at a set rate. Most people prepay the agency. But this is usually expensive when compared to local gas stations. Therefore, the best option is to fill up the tank on your own. Also, make sure to put a little extra gas when you return the car.

Renting GPS

Most people rent a GPS from the car rental agency for the duration of their car rental. This is a common mistake because renting GPS from the agency can be expensive. It is often cheaper to buy a portable GPS from a store before your trip. You can also use Google Maps, which is easily accessible if you have a smartphone.

Forgetting To Erase Bluetooth Information

Always make sure that you erase all the Bluetooth information before returning the rented car to the agency. You might have connected your device to the Bluetooth of the car at some point during your trip. When you connect to the car’s Bluetooth, all your data is paired with the car and if you do not erase it, somebody may have access to all your information.

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